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TRIBScore captures SME and Midcap financial profile scores thanks to a model that was developed and validated using a combination of financial data and payment behavioral information. Its underlying information is unique, as it derives from Euler Hermes’ credit insurance activities. Adjustments to financial inputs are based on annual reports and are tailored to the specific business segment in which companies operate.
Whenever you need a first, quick assessment of an issuer’s credit risk, TRIBScore provides you with an unmatched answer, based on the quantitative part of our methodology, with financial inputs adjusted by our analysts.


  • A first step in your credit risk assessment.
  • A score that relies on the financial component of our unique state-of-the-art methodology developed in collaboration with Euler Hermes and Moody’s Investors Service.
  • A quantitative score that benefits from adjustments to financial inputs made by expert analysts and tailored to specific SME and MidCap business models.
  • A score that takes into account the most relevant financial ratios to assess the probability of default.
  • An offer including comparisons against other SMEs and MidCaps for key financial indicators.


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A confidential credit assessment with a forward-looking
view, with input from a credit analyst.


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